Lehigh Valley HiRailers

The Lehigh Valley HiRailers is a small club operating out of Allentown, PA. Our HiRail layout conforms to the Independent HiRailers Standards. A copy of these standards can be found at www.hirailers.com. This year, our layout at the CNYNRHS Syracuse Show was 20x42'. We try to have at least one new module each year at this show. Our thanks to Lee Wood of the Flower City Trackers for allowing this detour over the LVHR rails.

The Traveling Boxcar arrives in the LVHR yard at the tail end of a transfer job.

It is immediately switched to several local freights for a tour around the layout. Here it passes Richard Kloss's diner and historical car show modules.

The Traveling Boxcar passes through John Sherwood's modules.

The Traveling Boxcar passes through Jim Miller's bridge modules.

The Traveling Boxcar is set out at Allentown's station to take on a small load. The station is a custom decorated MTH piece.

The Traveling Boxcar sits on the siding as a local and a through freight pass.

It is finally spotted at the operating freight station where a cargo of Kloss Floss is loaded. The car has drawn some sidewalk supervision, but at least one guy is more interested in waving at the cameraman.

Even as the Traveling Boxcar leaves the LVHR, it continues to draw attention. This time a camera toting railfan has taken an interest (and a picture).

A shot of one end of the LVHR layout.

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