What Is A Traveling Boxcar
The TRAVELING BOXCAR project was conceived by Chris Barany, a member of the O-Gauge Railroad Forum  on December 11th, 2003.  A selected Boxcar (which eventually turned out to be a "reefer") was to be shipped to as many forum member's O-Gauge layouts as possible.  Each participant would photograph the boxcar on their layout and we would share the pictures.  Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

Chris's Original Post

"Over on Atlas N scale side there has been a boxcar that traveled around the globe to different people's layouts.

Who would be interested in doing this? It will start at ones layout and travel to a different person say every week.
I would be willing to provide a car. You will have to provide Shipping to the next guy. If we do this you will need to be responsible in making sure you are punctual with it. 

Any one interested?

Don't know why I have to drive so fast My car has nothing to prove It's not new, but it'll zero to sixty in 5.2

Chris-The train kid."

Through a little online discussion, several of us bantered around many ideas.  Many people began to write to Chris with their desire to participate in the project.  As this developed, I volunteered a portion of my web site as a home for Traveling Boxcar Archive of photos.

Soon it was decided that it would be fun to have a custom paint job, on the boxcar, to give it a special character and make it stand out in the anticipated photos.

Thanks to Photoshop for giving us the ability to try a few things out...


To get the ball rolling, John McGrath donated the actual BOXCAR to the project.  He sent the car to Jeff Sohn in mid April, 2004.

Finally we asked Jeff Sohn, a highly recognized model detailer and painter, for help.  He agreed and the project moved forward again.


Of course, Jeff gave us a few photographs of the TRAVELING BOXCAR on his own layout before he shipped it on to Chris Barany.  From Chris then on to me.

Those first few shipments gave me the opportunity to set up a system for keeping track of everyone's name, forum handle, email address and mailing address.  Early in that process, I decided it would be disastrous to start shipping the Boxcar to an untested mailing address.  I would hate to loose the boxcar to a typographical error.

To that end, we use a confirmation letter.  Each participant would get a regular letter that would confirm the address to which we would ship the boxcar.  After receiving the confirmation letter, each individual would return the letter to me.  In this way, I could be assured that I had everyone's mailing address correct.  So far it works fine.

We are also using an email list server.  Currently, August 5, 2004, we have 91 names on our list server.  The list server is a good way to make sure that everyone participating or just watching, can be informed of the current location of our Traveling Boxcar.

Click Here for instructions on joining our list server.

So, that's our Traveling Boxcar story.  If you want to get involved, all you have to do is join.  The project is only open to members of the OGaugeRR Forum.  So, you need to join that first.  Then, follow the links here to join the project.

Recently, we have had the pleasure of visiting Clubs and Train Shows.  I hope this becomes a regular part of our project.

I will ad more to this little history as time goes on.

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